The challenge

ISSNOVA is an independent research foundation aimed at delivering viable solutions to integrate environmental and social priorities with economic development. Our challenge is spreading innovative strategies, practices and scientific data to support a community improvement fair for people and respectful of the environment.


Sustainable innovation

We work with researchers, citizens, associations, public administrations and business companies to assess and design systems, technologies and policies for local development, optimizing tangible and intangible resources and delivering social innovation. We adopt a human centred approach, apply service design and multicriteria assessment techniques matching needs and expectations of multiple stakeholders, community and single persons.


Integrated knowledge

We are engaged in cross-cutting fields such as responsible research and innovation,  social innovation, resilient, inclusive and smart communities, knowledge integration, circular economy, safety and security for water, energy, food, transport, land use, climate change, mitigation and adaptation, environmental management systems, adaptive planning. We face all these topics integrating multiple perspectives, from natural to social science.