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Gabriella Duca


Gabriella is Human Factors consultant and independent researcher with background in architectural design (Federico II University, Naples), she got her PhD  in Building and environment rehabilitation at Genoa University and got the Eur.Erg. (European Ergonomist) qualification in 2003.
Her research interests mainly address the transdisciplinary application of human factors with focus on task analysis & human performance assessment, human factors in systems sustainability/efficiency, human-built environment interaction, work spaces & interfaces in safety critical contexts. She has conducted research projects for a variety of private companies and public authorities, such as Eurocontrol, Sesar Joint Undertaking, INAIL (Italian Workers Compensation Authority), Fondazione Telecom Italia, Novartis Farma (Torre Annunziata plant), Indesit Company, ENAV, Snamprogetti.
She is member of national board of SIE Italian Ergonomics Society.



Pia Di Salvo


Pia is an economist, currently serving as accounting staff member at LUPT Interdepartmental Research Centre of University Federico II (Naples) where she is also a key staff member of Europe Direct Information Centre based there. Before joining Naples University, she worked at the tender and purchases central office of Perugia University and, for ten years, she was head of director’s staff at the Faculty of Architecture of Second University of Naples, where she monitored and supported technical and financial management of relevant research projects.
She serves ad Editorial Secretary of RISE –  Rivista Interdisciplinare di Studi Europei.


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Mario Ciaburri

Direttore scientifico

In 1990 Mario got a master degree in “Computer Science” at University of Salerno.
After a brief experience in teaching mathematical and computer science, he was employed as software engineer for manufacturing firms into automation processes. He developed innovative solutions for predictive maintenance of blast plant and water supply networks.
Since 1997 Mario had been involved in Research and Development activities mainly focused on studying and validating emerging air transport innovation solutions. During this period, he has been cooperating with major European Aeronautical and Air Traffic Management stakeholders in order to share ideas/projects/outcomes. In 2007 he was co-founder of ASDA and elected Vice chairman. Starting 2009 he was appointed as Chief of the Technical Directorate of SICTA (ENAV group) leading relevant R&D projects and managing the overall work of nearly 40 researchers.



Ferdinando Maria Musto

Direttore generale

Nando is a geologist, research technician and meteorologist at the LUPT Interdepartmental Research Centre of University of Naples Federico II. He is the director of application and experimental laboratory for planning and land conservation. His studies focus on hydraulic risk, mitigation and vulnerability of the territory. He is expert in Geographic Information Systems; applied to several fields (urban planning, geographical, biological, chemical analysis of a territory). He is currently involved in the experimental study of urban heat island in Naples and is scientific expertise covers a wide range of territorial governance related issues, focusing on geological, territorial and environmental impacts, geological hazards, climate hazard and control, risk mitigation.



Stefano Duca


Stefano started studying physics at the Federico II university in Naples where he got a bachelor degree in Physics. After that, he moved to Munich where he obtained his M.Sc. in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics. In October 2014, he joined the chair of Computational Social Science to work on Evolutionary Game Theory applied to socio-economical contexts at ETH, Zurich.
On his free time Stefano enjoys reading, playing boardgames and hiking.


Anna Chiara Forte

Senior scientist

Annachiara is a biologist (master degree in 2003 at Federico II University of Naples) with a PhD in Terrestrial Ecology (in 2006 at Federico II University of Naples) and a further research focus on the environmental sustainability of agro-industrial chains for food, energy and bio-polimers. She has been involved in research projects centred on sustainable C-friendly soil management in agriculture (MESCOSAGR Project) and bio-based pathways toward territorial bio-refinery systems through the revaluation of local marginal lands and agro-industrial wastes (EnerBiochem and BioPolis Projects). Her research has put emphasis on combining ecological aspects of nutrient cycling and GHG emissions in Mediterranean natural and cropped systems with Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) tools, in order to improve the knowledge about the environmental impacts of biomass-based production routes. She is a member of the Italian LCA Network, actively contributing to the “Energy and Sustainable Technologies” and “Chemical products and processes” working groups.


Federica Piemontese

Senior scientist

Federica Piemontese is an architect and urban planner, in 2004 she achieved the Master in Environmental design for renewable resources in architecture and territory, and got her Ph.D. in Urban, Architectural and Environment Design from the University of Naples “Federico II” in 2007. For some years she has tutored students of Urban and Environmental design course at faculty of  architecture at Federico II University, in 2010 she was adjunct professor in the course of Theory and Technique of architectural and urban design at the School of Architecture, University of Naples “Federico II” and in 2014 Lecturer on Strategic Planning, for the Training Project “Territorial Improvement and Social Community Manager” in LUPT Research Center, University of Naples.
She has written and published several scientific articles and books in the field of Urban Renewal and regeneration, including “Brownfield and urban project areas” (2008, in Italian).
She is an independent researcher and provides environmental consultancies to public institutions and private companies for relevant large-scale projects such as Final Project Environmental Mitigation and Landscape and Accommodation in Green works for the “Line AV / AC Verona – Padova, sub route Verona – Vicenza, 1st sub lot Verona – Montebello” (2015) and  Master Plan for the Regional Natural Park Ausoni and Fondi’s Lake (2013).


Amalia Zucaro

Senior scientist

Amalia has an International Ph.D. in Environment, Resources and Sustainable Development. In 2004, she graduated with honours. in Environmental Sciences and in 2011 she achieved the title of Ph.D. at Parthenope University of Naples, Italy. Her research is focused on renewable energy sources, bioenergy and energy related issues, biomass conversions, energy use in agriculture and industrial sector, agro-industrial chains for food, energy and bio-polymers. Her research experiences are in life cycle assessment (LCA), Emergy Analysis, Greenhouse gas (GHG), multi-criteria environmental assessment, Geographic Information System (GIS). She has been involved in research activity of several European projects (Fuel Cell e Hydrogen Guide EU – 7th FP Supporting Action SP1-JTI-FCH.2009.5.5; Synergies in Multi-scale Inter-Linkages of Eco-social systems EU – 7th FP-SSH-2007; Sustainable Use of Photosynthesis Products & Optimum Resource Transformation EU Project within the Framework of the Regional Cooperation Programme “ALFA”; Development and Comparison of Sustainability Indicators EU – 6th FP Research Project) and National research projects (PON-REC EnerBiochem-Project no. 881/Ric and PON-REC BioPolis- project no. 713/Ric). She is a member of the Italian LCA Network and the International Society for the Advancement of Emergy Research (ISAER).


Antonella Frisiello

Scientific Advisor

Antonella is Psychologist and Master in Ergonomics; she is User Experience Researcher at ISMB (, in the Mobile Solutions Research Area, focusing on the design and development of innovative mobile services.
Expert in Human Centred Design, she have been participating to National and European research projects, leading user studies, participatory design activities and field trials involving real users and stakeholders.
As member of the Human Factors Technical Body of ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute), she participated to standardization projects focusing on the Personalization of ICT products and services and eHealth systems. Since  2003 she collaborate as lecturer at several universities, both national (Università di Torino, Politecnico di Torino) and international ones (Universidad de Vic, Espana, Universidad del Azuay, Ecuador).
Sinc  the 2014 is member of the National Board and Regional President of SIE – Italian Society of Ergonomics, promoter and member of the scientific board of WUD – World Usability Day Turin.